• In Delhi (Harper Collins 1993), a coffee table art volume with more than 100 stunning visuals that highlight the creative genius of Raghu Rai, Pavan K. Varma lends his masterful and sensitive style to capture the multiplicities and paradoxes of a city that surpasses all others with its historical largeness.
  • The Millennium Book on New Delhi, of which he was co-editor, was published by the Oxford University Press in 2001.
  • The Illustrated History of the Freedom Struggle, a stunning visual record of India’s struggle for independence, was published in January 2009 by Penguin. Pavan K. Varma wrote a thought provoking introduction for this elegant volume that enumerated the enduring legacies of the freedom movement.
  • "Delhi: Flowing with Time,” a sensitive and insightful essay on the historical story and growth of Delhi by Pavan K. Varma formed a part of Delhi: India in One City (Academic Foundation 2009), a volume that captured the multilayered and dynamic nature of the capital of India.
  • Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King, published by Lustre in 2011, documents different aspects of this country with 160 striking photographs by the current monarch of the mountain kingdom, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. The volume begins with a perceptive introduction by Pavan K. Varma.
  • He has regularly been invited to review books of literary, social and political import for the Guardian, UK, as well as many leading newspapers and weeklies in India.